FINN ROYAL PRODUCTION OY is a company from South Ostrobothnia in Lapua specialized to manufacture trotter carts. Location is ca. 80 km from Vaasa and 25 km from Seinäjoki. ROYAL SULKY as a trademark is known in Finnish trotter sports already from the beginning of 1960's when the fist trotter carts was made.

Behind the ROYAL trademark is strongly operating the founder of the trademark, Markus Yliselä, along with the second generation cart maker Jan-Markus Yliselä.

The strength of the Royal is the frame pipe material made by Finnish steel manufacturer for trot cart use and ash which is used in production of wooden shaft. Also the strengths are the bake paint for frame pipes and speciality in race carts the pen spray streaks and bright varnish. Handicraft is remarkably used in different parts of manufacture. All these parts together makes the carts very impressive and unique.

In the product selection there is a wide range of short and long model race carts and also "hiitti" and coaching carts for training purposes. The pony carts belongs also into our selection, with race and training cart models.

In the 1960's and 80's Markus Yliselä and his brother participated self to horse races. That time period has affected to the cart manufacturing and development until to date.
Nowadays new cart models are tested in co-operation with professional drivers and horse owners in Finland and Sweden. Co-operation is very important when the question is horses, drivers, and carts
compatibility for races. Because of this, the majority of our carts are custom made from the dimensions of the customer / horse.

Hallitie 5,
62100 LAPUA
Puh. +358 6 438 8754,
Fax. +358 6 438 8756
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